Used by major retailers and suppliers in understanding consumer behaviour & perception of the GB out of home market

Working with leading operators across the sector, we support their businesses in tracking the core metrics that are so important to tracking the health of a brand as well as driving insight through more detailed and bespoke analysis.

Each quarter we survey 5,000 consumers to understand their eating and drinking out habits over the previous 6 months tracking areas such perception, awareness and usage in addition to what consumers do, where they go, why they go and what they think about their experiences.

This gives us a rich source of data to draw upon for all types of consumer analysis, be that a focus on day part usage for a segment or brand, understanding the importance of freshness to certain consumers, or completing bespoke consumer segmentation.

A full breakdown of the types of analysis available from BrandTrack can be seen below:

  • Thorough understanding of key competitors,  with detailed insight into consumer interaction outside of your own brand
  • How does your brand measure up and what are the levers needed to maximise engagement and footfall
  • Understanding of opportunity to help improve core KPI’s such as Spend, Loyalty, Revisit
  • Learn how to expand your existing consumer base and where the opportunity lies for attracting other demographic groups

We can also provide:

  • Custom consumer segmentation 

In addition to these types of projects, the data set can also be held directly by you through our new BrandTrack portal, an analysis tool that gives you the ability to use and manipulate the data yourself on your iPad, laptop or smartphone.

If you are interested in understanding how BrandTrack can help understand your consumers better contact us.