Coffer Peach Business Tracker is an industry sales monitor for the UK pub and restaurant sector collecting and analysing weekly and monthly performance data from 33 leading operating groups, and is recognised as the established industry benchmark for sales performance.

Like any of the sensitive sales information that we hold, we take the confidentiality of this data set extremely seriously and have a rigid process in place to ensure that data always remains safe.

Contributing brands include:

Headline monthly figures are published in the press on a four weekly basis, with weekly data only being visible to those who contribute. The full Coffer Peach Business Tracker report includes the following data:

  • Total Sales
  • LFL
  • Inside & outside the M25
  • Restaurants and Pubs
  • Covers – for restaurants only
  • Sales mix – Wet/Dry – for pubs only

For operators interested in understanding more about their performance in context with the rest of the market, they can join the Coffer Peach Business Tracker cohort for free. The process is simple:

1.       Sign data partnership agreement & NDA
2.       Provide turnover information for weighting
3.       Fill in online survey

For professional or financial services businesses who would like to understand more about what they can receive, please contact our team.