Used by major retailers and drink suppliers in location planning and sales optimisation

Used by leading operators to support their location and estate strategy, Outlet Index is the only continuously updated database of licensed and unlicensed venues in the out of home sector - fed and updated by over half a million pieces of individual data per year.

The nature of the data allows us to constantly monitor and understand local competitive environments tracking what venues have opened and closed, giving a great understanding of market vibrancy as well as capturing other important information such as market segment, outlet quality and ownership.

We are proud to work with AlixPartners in publishing the quarterly AlixPartners CGA Peach MarketGrowthMonitor, a report driven by Outlet Index data and updating the market on the latest shifts in outlet trends.

Benefits of Outlet Index include:

  • Market Monitoring: thorough understanding of which sectors or operators are in growth and which areas of the supply are in decline
  • Sales optimisation: site level details allow you to prioritise opportunity within the market and target effectively 
  • Investment: track the health of supply within the market by sector or brand, understand which areas provide the most feasible opportunity for investment 
  • Our list of attributes allow a granular view of each site: location, tenure, segment, quality, volume banding plus more  

Used alongside our other data sources, Outlet Index can also be extremely powerful in adding extra detail to questions asked by operators by contextualising the growth of competitor brands either through impacting sales, or consumer perception.

If you would like to know more about how Outlet Index can support your business objectives, contact us.