TV football nets sales upswing for pubs

As the new football season gets into its stride, new research from CGA Strategy and pub sports platform MatchPint reveals that pubs screening games enjoy substantial uplifts in drink sales.

The data shows that four in five (80%) publicans think Premier League games shown on Sky have a very positive effect on sales. Impacts tend to be at their biggest on Saturdays, when wet sales are on average 3.5 times larger than during matches screened in midweek. Lager sales see the biggest uplift, rising by 17% during midweek games, compared to 11% for ale.

The research also emphasizes the dominance of football—and the Premier League in particular—in the screened sport market. Football accounts for 53% of sports-related pub traffic, though rugby and boxing events can also have a decent impact on sales. The Premier League accounts for 43% of pubs’ incremental sports-related sales. 

CGA has paired up with MatchPint to investigate and analyse how much the broadcasting of live sports in pubs and bars could be worth to the venue in extra sales. We’ve been able to drill down across a number of sports including Football (EPL, UCL, Euro 2016) ,Rugby (World Cup & 6 Nations), Boxing and the Superbowl, to understand the value of each. The above infographic has been released as a taster ahead the release of a full white paper, which will be available in the coming weeks. For more information please contact or