Daily outlet level pricing for food & drink products, available across c.6,000 outlets

Within an increasingly competitive market, price is one of the key areas for operators to understand where the opportunities are, be that where there is a chance to increase price in line with market dynamics, or reduce price to become more competitive.

For our Trading Index data partners, we can provide top level pricing trends for key categories and product lines as well as developing this to a local level to look for pricing opportunities on an outlet by outlet basis.

Within our pricing data set, we can understand:

  • A holistic view of price across both the free and managed market 
  • Understand pricing variations by tenure
  • Track competitor pricing fluctuations and strategy during key events during the year
  • Optimise your pricing structure to be in line with the local competition of a particular area
  • Understand more about thresholds and what increases can be made to maximise revenue   
  • Know the distinctions between different types of pricing of individual items – minimum, average and maximum 

In addition to the pricing index data, we will soon be launching a pricing survey app which will allow full management of pricing surveys for your site teams.

If you would like more detail about our pricing capabilities, contact us.