Trading Index is a granular performance benchmarking tool driven by EPoS data, allowing operators to drill into their performance vs. relevant markets and truly understand where they are under or over performing. Our online portal puts this data set directly in the hands of the operator, with strict confidentiality criteria in place to ensure that no sensitive data is released.

Like entry into Coffer Peach Business Tracker, joining this cohort of operators is completely free, with a core set of services received in return for the data – the core of which, is Trading Index. The process is simple, once a data agreement is in place, we get a direct feed of data set up, code the data to our internal dictionary and then the feed can start.

This then allows you to complete the following tasks:

  • Track category performance
  • Benchmark vs. bespoke competitor sets
  • Understand regional differences in performance
  • Create refreshable reports
  • Export data to Excel and PowerPoint

The benefits of Trading Index include:

  • Transparent and granular understanding of how you compare to your relevant market
  • Identify the opportunities within a specific category
  • Track whether your performance indicative of the market or specific to your own performance
  • Understand the potential for different categories and allowing you to assess what can be done to maximise revenue
  • Alternative tracking of performance overtime: distinguish whether performance is short term or an entrenched trend 
  • Understand the nuances behind results: add further context behind decisions such as ranging and stocking

What else we can provide:

  • Custom competitor sets for more granular benchmarking
  • Further break out of performance across key product lines
  • Break out your own data by fascia

Trading Index is continuing to grow into new segments and areas; in addition, we are also growing our capabilities in the portal itself with future developments including weather data, future forecasting and day part analysis. Crucially, all of this capability is only visible in the portal to contributing businesses.

Operators already submitting their data into Trading Index include:

Beyond the portal itself, this data set also allows for more detailed analysis and research to be undertaken by the CGA Peach analysis team. Typically this involves local level analysis of specific sites and how they are performing compared to their closest competition, but can also be used to support in the tender process, due diligence work and forecasting.

If you would like to know more about Trading Index, how it can help your business and how you can join, please contact us to set up a call.